Our Story

We came from a large second generation Italian family. Our grandparents, Felice & Louisa, came from a small town outside of Naples and immigrated to America like hundreds of thousands in search of a better life. Felice had many skills, a brilliant mind, an aptitude for learning, and a desire to combine the two. 

However, his passion, his craft was that of a master baker and master pizziola. Today, the tradition and art for of making authentic Napoletana pizza is held sacred in and around the Campania region of Italy and throughout Naples. 

Felice and Louisa then created nine beautiful people who in turn created many, many beautiful people. As our Italian American families grew, we continued the traditions and wishes of our grandparents and were united as family. We cooked and ate meals together several times a week. We all lived in close proximity of each other. Going to school, cooking and eating, playing, cooking and eating, celebrating communion, graduations, and yes, cooking and eating together. We even sat in old church pews in order to break bread together. 

Today our family continues the tradition. We have traveled to Italy to learn the traditional methods, study the process, have become experts at the art form, and we are bringing all the ingredients from Italy to WNY. 

Many of our cousins continue our family tradition. Our cousin Giovanni creates award winning Pizza Napoletana in Atlanta, Georgia. Our cousin Pam has a bakery with award winning cookies and desserts delivered all over the world from here in WNY, and now its our time to share this "tradition" this "art form," of Pizza Napoletana. 

Providing the freshest, highest quality ingredients imported direct from Italy, flour specially milled for our family recipes and the passion handed down from generations. We invite you to Forno Napoli to sit on our "church pews" and enjoy the simplicity and quality of our family heritage. 

Mangia Bene e Vivi Bene!

Felix & Rick


Our Location


1280 Sweet Home Rd 105
Buffalo, NY 14228

(716) 636-9500


Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Saturday: 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Forno Napoli will be open 12-4 on Christmas Eve 2020
Sunday: 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm